Agreement Funny Cartoon

“I need you to sign this binding agreement, that you acknowledge that you said no, that you do not want dessert and that you renounce any pretensions to mine.” “Now, after this agreement, his problems will be your problems, and your problems will be your problems.” Boss, speaking to the lawyer: “These new conditions you have designed for us are extremely long and too complex – our clients will never understand them. Well done Jones!` “If your phone has five hundred minutes and you use one during this course, how long are you going to be in detention?” “It`s a new legal word that came with it. They are still on the job. “Now that you have it, you can stop thinking about it,” “And here, at first, if you want his balls in a hairy wool.” “Smith, when I asked you to start the bidding process…` Can`t you see? This is not a real offer! She just has a bone in us! “Now you`ve returned all your assets to the bank, I`m happy to lend you your bus fare at home.” “Wait – I have an app that creates a towel on which the terms of the contract can be written.” “I wouldn`t bother reading the fine print. It`s just going to get you depressed. “We want to share with you your agents, successors, licensees and agents. “Don`t ask, don`t say, don`t do anything stupid – that`s my contract with America. “Your parents wrote this prenupe in which you two say that you will stay together long enough to justify your dear marriage. “When I retire, I promise that we will finally have time to read all the terms and conditions. “The dress is casual here. We don`t pay our workers enough to buy suits. » “… and the last point about pre-wedding aggregating is… he wants the final break on all the videos of the house. “This contract needs to be rewritten, and almost everyone could understand it! “And if you click “I agree,” you agree to the terms and conditions… “It`s Mr.

McGregor. It is now ready to submit to binding arbitration. “You will have five days of sickness paid and two days of anger. “We can negotiate any contract, but we specialize in the “me too” clauses. “This is not really the time for your lawyers to go through the fine print, Mr. Johnson. “They presented us with an iron treaty that we were able to completely reinterpret. “It says exactly here in your contract, people:`Some can happen the first year. “She signed a prenupe who promised not to eat me and then eat the avocado. “Then it`s agreed. We give sun, water and carbon dioxide, and we get oxygen. “My wife is very interested in checking the finest details before we sign anything. »

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