Author Agreement Form Template

Send by e-mail: Send the forms as e-mail annexes: To send the author`s agreement form to the journal IJCRI, can you send it as an e-mail annex Can the corresponding authors and the order of the authors be changed in the revised document? It is not uncommon for the list of authors to change during manuscript revisions. When presenting the revised version, most magazines check that the list of authors has changed from the initial submission. In case of modification, the corresponding author is obliged to submit the author`s agreement forms signed by all authors in which he declares that they accept the modification. Authors are required to submit an author`s agreement form immediately upon acceptance of the manuscript. The corresponding author of the manuscript may sign and submit the form on behalf of all co-authors. The author agreement form must have been received by the editor before the manuscript is published in the journal. In the revision phase, we added a teacher as a co-corresponding author. The language of signatures depends on your target log. International magazines generally accept English signatures. A regional journal may allow signatures in the regional language.

Here too, the best would be to settle this with the publisher. The form can be submitted to the editor as scanned images (z.B.jpg or jpeg) or as a PDF file. Copyright navigation when publishing a manuscript in a journal Section – I: Integrity and originality of the manuscript Section – IV: Permission to reproduce published documents. . . .

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