Avira Free License Agreement

Thank you for your quick response. I agree with my usual details. I only have one Avira account. My subscription was due for renewal, but after the renewal date, I was unable to register, although my renewal fee of 112.99 euros was covered by my account. I have proof of that (my statement of account). All I have now is the simplest Avira software (the free version I accept). It offers the ability to upgrade to the Pro version that I already paid 112.99 for. Avira doesn`t seem to log me into my account. It has my Prime membership from August 2019, not in August 2018, when I joined. 5.3 In addition, in conjunction with the access and/or use of some of our products (including products requiring remote access), you may also have access to certain third-party applications and/or tools (“third-party tools”). Avira assumes no responsibility for the use of these third-party tools.

In addition, these tools may be subject to specific third-party licenses, conditions and/or conditions. By accessing and/or using these third-party tools, you agree to comply with all relevant licenses, conditions and/or conditions associated with these third-party tools. Trial license and freeware: A license for the use of our products for testing for a limited period (“trial license”) or a free license (“Freeware”) is provided “as intended” and does not include product support. You cannot use a test license in a production environment. Any presentation of Avira products on the Internet, in flyers, catalogues and brochures is only available for information and does not constitute an explicit or tacit guarantee or a firm offer from Avira, but rather an opportunity for you to inform yourself and prepare for a binding contract offer in the form of an order. A legally binding agreement between you and Avira is only reached if you place an order and Avira accepts such an order by confirmation of a written order (e-mail is considered sufficient) or by the supply of one or more products (for example. B by download or by providing a connection). If you have purchased a license elsewhere and have an activation code, you can activate this code as follows: We may change these terms and conditions at any time to reflect, for example, legislative changes or changes to our products and how they are sold and distributed.

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