Ccdc Design Build Agreement

CCDC 14 is a standard premium contract between the owner and the design builder, in which the design builder provides the design services and performs the work under an agreement at a predetermined or fixed price. The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) has published two new employment contract forms: CCDC 14 – 2013: Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract and CCDC 15 – 2013: Design Services Contract contract between design builders and consultants. The new models are specifically designed for contracts between an owner and a construction contractor. CCDC 14 regulates the relationship between the contractor and the owner, while CCDC 15 must regulate the obligations between an advisor and the contractor (often referred to as the owner). CCDC 15 is not intended as a stand-alone contract, but in addition to the use of CCDC 14, in which the project envisions an overlapping timeline for both design and construction, there is a single design and construction supplier and a consultant with obligations to the builder. CCDC 14 2013 is similar to the previous version, published in 2000, but has some major changes, some of which are described in this article. CCDC 15 2013 has been heavily revised and is based on other standard form contracts published by the Royal Architects Institute of Canada and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada. Both CCDC 14 14 2013 and CCDC 15 2013 have increased the minimum insurance coverage that contractors and advisors must bear. It should be remembered that CCDC contracts should serve as a general model for work contracts. As in the past, the contractual provisions will be modified by the application of additional conditions, particularly in the case of the use of CCDC 15, depending on the specifics of the project, since the owner, contractor and/or advisor may be exposed in additional details.

CCDC 14 2013 provides better copyright protection for consultants designing the project. It only allows the owner to use copies of the project once for the project to be built, and the owner cannot modify the documents or make them available to a third party. The owner can keep copies of the project and use it only for “use and occupancy” of the project. The 2000 version, on the other hand, allowed the owner to draw the councillor`s drawings “in the context of the design and construction of the … o]wners… [w]ork” in addition to their use and occupation. When an owner is considering modifying the project, he or she usually asks the owner to submit a proposed amendment. If this is an additional construction on the part of the consultant and/or the owner and the owner chooses not to proceed with the proposed amendment, the compensation provision for CCDC 14 2013 will be extended so that the owner is liable for compensation for the costs incurred in preparing the proposed amendment, and not just for the construction services actually provided.

CCDC 14 2013 contains a liquidation indemnity clause if the owner terminates or suspends the project for more than 20 days before work begins. The use of the term liquidated damage provides compensation for all construction services and damages provided, including a reasonable benefit. Documents don`t work properly with Adobe Acrobat Reader`s 3.x version. Make sure you have at least 4.x or more version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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