Consortium Agreement South Africa

——— question: “Planning 4 – Working Statement. Is this project a model agreement to be included in the response or an agreement to be reached after the evaluation of the response during the negotiation phase? “Schedule 4,” under the title “Statement of Work.” By signing the agreement, all contracting parties, including the SKA organization, will confirm that they will execute the work statement. As a potential signatory, SKA should comment on the statement of work and confirm that it is satisfied before it is presented. It is difficult to imagine how the SKA organization could do so if, once presented, it will be the main evaluator of the working statement. Answer: It is expected that the proposed consortium members will include a Memorandum of Understanding to assure each other of their contribution to the work package until the Ca U and MoU are executed. The declaration of work will be negotiated between the SKA organization and the proposed consortium members and the protocol will be signed once these negotiations have been concluded. Consortium members must complete their certification body before the protocol is signed. [CA/MOU]. The following agreements now concern the construction work voR of SKA: Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”). The MoU will ensure that there is an appropriate relationship between the SKA organization and the members of the consortium; it defines its respective roles and obligations, including all delivery obligations (as defined in the work file working statement) and formal adoption by members of the consortium of SKA`s IP policy.

The moU design is available here – MoU (pdf) / MoU (docx). The SKA organization will be a party of the MoUs. A page on the SKA website is created to obtain and answer questions and comments about the MoU. ——— question: “Schedule 2 – Operational Procedures. Days of work instead of calendar days! Answer: Calendar days have been chosen because national holidays vary from country to country, which means that working days are not necessarily organized between countries. However, it is up to the consortium members to decide such matters in their CA. [CA]. ——— question: “11.

11.1. Is the WP manager the same as the WP manager? There is no definition of the manager. Question: “11. Governance. 11.1 a) (ii) Work package manager: What is not yet defined needs to be clarified. Is this the leader of the work package? Question: “11. Governance. 11.1. This is contrary to Article 7, where the tasks assigned to the work package manager correspond to the tasks assigned to the head of the work package consortium. He`s supposed to be the head of the WP consortium. There is a similar inconsistency between the RfP document, section 6, first enumeration point, and the work instruction document, section 4.1, point 2.” Answer: The work declaration requires a “Consortium Project Manager” as a one-stop shop with the SKA organization. The term “Consortium Project Manager” should be used in place of “Work Package Manager.” The consortium may choose a “Work Package Consortium Leader”) for the management of internal affairs.

[CA]. ——— question: “14. Other. 14.9b. This agreement binds the beneficiaries and beneficiaries of the assignment of each contracting party and applies. What does that mean? Answer: This clause only means that the assignee can enforce its provisions and that its provisions can be applied against the assignee when a party withdraws its rights and obligations from the contract, which itself requires the agreement of the other parties in accordance with paragraph 14.7.

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