Expressing Agreement And Disagreement Worksheet

It is a simple worksheet to practice expressions to express opinions, accept and reject. – This is not necessarily the case. – It`s not as simple as it sounds. – I agree with your principle, in part, but. – You may be right. – It sounds obvious, but. – In certain circumstances. I don`t think there are many other constructs where learners make such frequent mistakes. or always the same type of errors as for this verb! Center of Gravity: Language for Discussion (Giving Opinions, Approving, Contradicting) – I fully/fully agree with you. TO AGREE WITH SOMEONE.

Be careful! AGREE should not be created with BE as a tool!) At every moment of our daily lives, we may have to express our opinion and we should not give it up! There are also many derived and similar expressions: one can also agree, but with reservation, especially when doubtful or if there is the feeling of not being able to fully accept something. . . .

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