Final Fantasy Xiv User Agreement

Does anyone else have this problem? I`m trying to contact customer service, but it`s all at Pacific Time, so it`s going to be a while. The email I quoted their agreement on fraud, which is: DISPUTES WILL ONLY BE ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASE AND WILL NOT BE WITH ANOTHER ARBITRATION OR ANOTHER PROCEEDING, A CLAIM OR CONTROVERSY OF ANY OTHER PARTY. In the event that this waiver of the class action is de educated as illegal or unenforceable, our conciliation declaration does not apply and the dispute must be dealt exclusively on an individual basis before the courts. Although the “SQUARE ENIX ACCOUNT TERMS OF USE,” “FINAL FANTASY┬« XIV User Agreement” and “FINAL FANTASY ┬« XIV Materials User License” have not been changed, we strongly recommend that players take this opportunity to check and familiarize themselves with them. The agreements mentioned above can be found here. (iii) Nothing in these Terms of Use is intended (a) to prevent or restrict access to software products intended for use on a Microsoft video game platform, including all associated digital updates or content; or (b) to regulate or change your relationship with Microsoft as part of Microsoft`s current agreements with you, including Xbox Live`s Terms of Use. If you use our online communities, download content from services (including user-generated content) or interact with other users about the services: after using chat support, you called customer support and learned how I was able to get in touch with a GM via my friend`s account, but it didn`t guarantee anything. At least he was a little helpful. We waited about five hours for a response from GM before giving up. I seem to be waiting for the suspension and contacting a GM, probably. I`ll be sure to update on Monday, when I`m not locked out every time I get in touch with a GM.

Some service features may require you to register an account on Square Enix (“Account”). You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and all activities that take place on your account. When registering an account, you will not accept: (i) you will not use a username or email address that personally mimics or identifies another person or entity; (ii) they will provide and maintain accurate information; and (iii) don`t sell your account to third parties or use your account to someone else. Square Enix may suspend or terminate your account at any time and for any reason, even if Square Enix believes you have violated these Terms of Use. Regardless of the above, if you live in France, Square Enix will provide you with at least thirty (30) days before your account is terminated. To be able to use the services, you cannot take the following steps: (i) violate existing legislation or regulations; (ii) to use the services for commercial or political purposes; (iii) copy, scrape, reproduce, restart, decompile, decompile, hack or modify services, including a server or network used to provide services (except to the extent that current legislation prohibits the application of the above); (iv) access to an account (defined below) that is not yours; (v) obstructing the use of the services by another user; (vi) fraud or the creation of an unfair advantage over other users; (vii) to affect any security function of the services; (viii) use an unauthorized server to emulate or access services; (ix) intercept, retrieve or collect information from services or their users without permission; (x) violate intellectual property or other rights of Square Enix or others; or (xi) remove any reference to the trademark, copyright or other reference to intellectual property. We may immediately suspend or suspend your access to the Services if you violate any of these restrictions or otherwise violate these Terms of Use.

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