Hdfc Bank Dsa Agreement

Bank credit intermediaries are responsible for connecting people looking for a loan to a direct provider. They explain the Bank`s various credit products and take care of the documentation process. They also carry out basic checks and ensure that the documents submitted comply with the Bank`s guidelines. DealsofLoan is one of the largest fintech credit market platforms in India, our CRM system is integrated with several banks – NBFCs, through which we can issue authorizations and immediate decisions. It is important to note that DSA distributions are not the same for all credit intermediaries. Indeed, it depends on the nature of the credits that a DSA successfully sells and the commission rates set by the various banks. This is a purely self-guided profession and the income you can earn depends entirely on your commitment. So your ability to process credit for consumers depends on your capabilities. In a banking concept, DSA meant “Direct Selling Associate”, now in the digital age, DSA becomes a digital partner or DOL partner. Currently in the digital age, marketing and selling products or services is easier than before, everyone has a social media network and this network is the best platform to launch your affiliate marketing activities for loans, insurance, credit cards and investment funds for different banks/NBFCs/companies in India with Dealsofloan, check the steps to start with Dealsofloan.

Checkout your first lead generation trip – Accept customer confirmation before you start the digital credit application, the customer can receive OTP/Link from the bank/NBFCs or from the dealsofloan for Credit Bureau request. Add the basic details and check your right to head of line of all banks / NBFCS – now submit, immediately credit/unauthorized status with reason – After checking the lead authorization, complete all application fields according to the documents, correct and complete without error. Select the eligible bank and forward the registration to the selected bank, you will receive an immediate response as eligible/unauthorized/under Process/Approved Soft/Refusal in real time. Download the valid customer document in PDF format, clean – Visible according to the list of documents required by the bank. Documents must be properly scanned, cut out and without other wallpapers and submit. Follow the app when you receive a credit application, close the same one, download and forward. Get Hard Approved / Final Approval / Credit Reject with various reasons – Request for credit paid by bank / NBFCs Track Payment Status – Got Paid after the digital payment cycle. DSA Training: We have integrated consolidation information into all banks and NBFCs in a learning manual available in the Help section in our CRM.

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