Moratorium Agreement Bank Rakyat

KUALA LUMPUR: Rakyat Bank advised its customers to manage their financing repayments after the end of the moratorium on September 30. The bank had previously announced an extension of the moratorium for customers who were made redundant in 2020 and who do not yet need to be rehired, while those who received unpaid leave until December 2020 also had the opportunity. Rakyat Bank is an Islamic cooperative bank founded in Malaysia on September 28, 1954. It is the result of the merger of 11 trade union banks. However, it did not become a syariah in accordance with several branches until 1993, before it became in 2003 the Islamic cooperative bank that it is today. This has allowed the Bank to post encouraging profits year after year. Products and equipment include consumer banking, commercial financing, savings and investment, as well as financial planning products. This will allow the Bank to meet the requirements of the current consumer. They have also been recognized as an industry player and cooperative of excellence at the international level and in Malaysia. Anyone who wants to find out about financing after the moratorium or has problems with repayment can visit the bank`s branches nationally or call the contact centre at 1300-0800-800. In addition, the Bank offers targeted assistance to the self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises, with the flexibility to pay only the profits for a fixed period, i.e. to extend the financing period in order to reduce monthly repayments. When applying for a private loan, it is important to create several documents that provide personalized identification and verification, as well as to provide documents showing your health and financial skills.

These documents are important for banks to assess your risk levels and financial health. “For customers who opt for wage deductions through the National Co-operative Movement of Malaysia Bhd (Angkasa), financing repayments begin this month if they are not eligible for the extension of the moratorium or targeted bank assistance,” he said. Borrowers who wish to seek help can contact the bank through three channels: e-mail to [email protected] (with full name, ID card number and mobile phone number that can be contacted), visit the nearest branch or contact the call centre on 13008008000. Bank Rakyat is a local and Islamic bank with more than 180 branches. They offer 5 different credit cards and 5 personal loans for more information, can contact Rakyat Bank by email to send their full name, ID card number and mobile phone number to, the bank contact centre at 1300-800-800 or the nearest branch of Rakyat Bank. The maximum amount of the loan and the duration of the loan, when determined by Rakyat Bank on the basis of several factors, by comparing the person`s age and monthly income. Using these factors, the risk of the loan is calculated by the bank before determining the maximum amount of the loan and the maximum term of the loan. KUALA LUMPUR, September 9 – Rakyat Bank has asked customers who may be having difficulty continuing their credit repayments after the September 30 moratorium to contact the bank immediately.

For more information, visit or the bank`s official social media platforms, @mybankrakyat (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Bernama In a statement today, the Bank stressed the importance of customers being prepared for the resumption of repayments, especially those who opt for automatic deductions.

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