Section 33 Agreement Highways

The following information about the agreement you are requesting is available to them when filling out the application form: If possible, load the search or the extract to which the agreements are referred, as this also helps us to find the corresponding agreement. Road agreements discovered during fomental royalty searches should include the names of the parties concerned (signatories). The target response is 15 working days. If it is necessary to seek clarification from the applicant on the details of the agreement (s) arrangement on highways, it may take longer to make the copy available. If you are asked to do so in the application form, enter these details. You should enter the title of the agreement in the “Name of Location” section of the form. (This section follows the section of the form. After receiving the payment, an electronic copy of the agreement (s) relating to a property, a real estate group or a site signed by Hampshire County Council is made available by e-mail. Highway contracts are registered with the district, district or city council and, if necessary, are discovered in the context of highway searches. If the agreement was revealed by a search for batches of countries, these details should be included in the results of the research. Documents that are not prohibited by Hampshire County Council, such as.B.

planning documents and other third-party agreements. If this information is not provided, it will be difficult to find the appropriate agreement and Hampshire County Council can contact you to request this information. This could lead to a delay in the supply of copies of contracts. Developers and landowners enter into motorway contracts for highway work related to new construction. If you are happy to understand the fees and what you get.

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