Sudan Transitional Agreement

He revealed that his delegation would hold a series of meetings with the relevant committees in order to harmonize the text of the peace agreement and the constitutional document. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Assistant Secretary General for Peace Operations, said the peace agreements are an important step “that means hope for a more peaceful and prosperous future.” However, he noted that important players – including Abdul Wahid`s Sudan Liberation Army – have not yet joined the process and that the patchwork of negotiated documents still needs to be integrated into a single vision of the future. Recent clashes and protests in Darfur raise concerns about decisions to be taken in the capital, he said, calling for renewed efforts to involve all parties. This is not the first peace agreement signed by armed groups. Previous pre-transition agreements have not ended civil wars in Sudan. This is mainly due to the fact that not all armed groups have signed the agreements and that their provisions have not been fully implemented. Arman welcomed the international and regional support for the agreement and stressed that the Arab League had signed the agreement as a guarantor of membership of the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union and the troika countries. Democratic elections to determine leadership after the 39-month transition period were mentioned in the first oral agreement[3] and were briefly mentioned in the written agreement. [5] Section 19 of the draft constitutional declaration prohibits “the President and members of the Sovereignty Council and ministerial ministers, provincial governors or regional leaders” from working “in public elections” following the 39-month transition period.

[11] Article 38.c) iv) of the declaration stipulates that the President and members of the Electoral Commission are appointed by the Sovereignty Council in consultation with the cabinet. [11] While the United Nations has given a mandate to the new Integrated Transition Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) to support the implementation of the peace agreement, the AU has not yet given a mandate for the peace process. This is despite the fact that the parties to the negotiations have asked the AU to “give a new mandate for the peace negotiations in Sudan”. Although COVID-19 continues to affect UNAMID operations and the movement, he said the mission is focused on providing critical life-saving assistance and is working with the authorities to combat the virus and mitigate its effects. He expressed concern about the temporary clashes between government forces and the Sudan Liberation Army Abdul Wahid, as well as fighting within the various Sudanese factions, allegedly because of differences of opinion on whether the group should participate in peace agreement negotiations. UNAMID is committed to protecting the civilian population amid a significant increase in inter-communal violence, but its capacity remains limited in some parts of the country, he said. A joint working group of the African Union and the United Nations is developing options to be submitted to the Council to address the needs and challenges of civil protection after the current mandate of UNAMID expires, he added. She recalled that the government recently declared a state of economic emergency following a depreciation of the Sudanese pound. The announcement followed months of rising inflation, rising exchange rates and a shortage of basic foodstuffs. Meanwhile, economic frustration continues to grow, as evidenced by the upsurge in protests across the country, she said. Despite these challenges, the transitional government has advanced important reforms, including the abolition of fuel subsidies, as part of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reconcile the debt. She called on the partners to respect their commitments and address any obstacles to Sudan`s full integration into the international economic community and welcomed recent progress in removing the country from the list of U.S.-managed government sponsorships of terrorism.

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