Umich Data Use Agreement

A contract or contract includes commitments for which the service is recognized as a legal obligation. Each contract document includes a performance obligation such as a Performance Statement (SOW) or a description of the benefits to be provided. The commitment must be developed with great care, because the inability of the university or contractor to deliver the promised results or to fulfill what is defined in the SOW constitutes a breach of contract. All are legal contracts between two parties. To launch a new UFA, log in to the eRPM system and click the “Create a New UFA” button. Also contact your ORSP project manager if you need a research agreement. If your U-M research involves interactions with the industry or its funding, ORSP will negotiate and sign your contracts on behalf of the university. As these agreements are not directly related to funding, we refer to them as “unfunded agreements” or UFAs. ORSP reviews draft contracts or other awarding documents and negotiates, if necessary, terms and conditions acceptable to both parties. This process can take time. A Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) ensures that certain information disclosed during discussions is treated confidentially and is used only for the limited purposes defined by the NDA.

NDAs can also be referred to as confidentiality agreements (CA) or proprietary information agreements (IAPs). Some gifts and scholarships do not require ORSP treatment. Some subsidies do. ORSP also helps with contracts and agreements. Determine what you are working with and what supports ORSP. It is useful to determine whether the data that needs to be shared reached U-M or whether it is from an external entity. Data Use Agreement (AAUs): Data use agreements are contracts that are designed, signed and executed to outline procedures, expectations, requirements and restrictions on the exchange of research data. An AEA is required whenever data, data set or software that is not public or subject to other usage restrictions is transferred, an AEA cannot or should not be made up of personal data. Unfunded agreements do not receive external financial support. These agreements include elements such as ACCORDS, LESA, MTA and other agreements. A “UFA” is a record in eResearch related to these unfunded agreements. Unfunded research activities are generally carried out under written contracts defining the specific expectations and responsibilities of the parties.

The coordination of unfunded research activities can be complex and some may require university approvals for the use of university property, space, faculty efforts, students or compliance committee authorizations for protocols on human or animal subjects.

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