Union Agreement Traduzione

(Br) commit (from a union member) to pay a fee to the union. 2 (union) union m. (workers, workers), trade union organization, workers` organization f. 4 (by agreement to create) contract to establish, to conclude. 5 (Harmony, Accord) Harmony f., convention m., concordia f., Union f. 4 (Unity in marriage) Union f. (marriage), marriage m. 7 (a flag, sign) Emblem m. symbolizes the union of two (or more) states; (upper inner corner) fourth m. higher (near the bar).

1 contract (even gram): to get a muscle contract. . (by sth.) Permission (to) obtain withdrawal; 8 (Stor.br) (for the management of aid to the poor) Organization between parishes for the care of the poor; (Work house) Hospitalization of the beggar. contract sth.-give qcs. contract, contracted; 9 (Univ) University M. Circle; (Premises) Headquarters f. (local m.pl.) of the university circle.

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