Work Education Agreement Pdf

If you work outside of your usual Co-op time, you will need to fill out an AEM change form. Purpose of the form: The Ministry of Education provides FASC (Commission de la sécurité et des assurances au travail) coverage to students enrolled as participants in a workplace training program administered by a school board. This form must be completed and signed by all parties prior to the student`s internship. Interested parties must complete and sign a Vocational Training Agreement form before the student begins the on-the-job training program to ensure that CSASE coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education. The agreement must also be signed for students 14 years of age or older if they participate in internships/partnerships that involve more than one day of practical work. This form must be signed by you, your investment manager, your parents/guardians and your Co-op teacher. Please return it to your Co-op teacher once it is fully completed and signed. Fill out the form according to the attached example Example of a WEA form The WEA form serves as an official document that you are covered by the Ministry of Education for the insurance of the Commission d`assurance de la sécurité au travail (WSIB) during your normal Co-op hours when placed. Source links: Adobe PDF format: – – – Professional training contract. . .


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